Interior Design

With thoughtful observation and inquiry, Marvin Jay Brooks Interiors guides their clients to express their individuality and interior needs. Marvin Jay Brooks Interiors will navigate a full-scale interior renovation or simply bring balance and cohesiveness to your existing space through partial renovation. Marvin Jay Brooks Interiors will often provide recommended tradesman and artisans for their projects and will be an asset from concept to completion.

Interior Decoration

Marvin Jay Brooks Interiors specializes in personalized and insightful interior decoration.  The firm strives to capture their client’s personality while drawing inspiration from classic forms and contemporary applications. Marvin Jay Brooks Interiors will update your interior through a new color palette, restyling of your existing furnishings, modification of furniture and art placement or the incorporation of well-placed accessories. Marvin Jay Brooks Interiors prides itself on getting to know you as an individual, family or firm to gain the insight needed to create interiors that truly connect.

Services begin with a consultation at your project site.